The chains connecting Fashion and Environment

Over the long period of time it has always been a concern to many that our environment is safe, green and clean. Almost every science book having atleast one lesson on pollution, global warming,etc that has stirred an uneasiness in us that clearly makes us think what can we do to protect the earth or atleast what we shouldn’t be doing to cause the harm. Reading this possibly you may be thinking what does this have to with a fashion blog or why am I even reading about this in a blog that particularly is categorized as a fashion blog. In this blog post of mine I will be largely focusing on the various things that gained a name for itself in the fashion industry for the concerns it held in itself for avoiding any harm to the nature. From recycled jackets out of plastic bottles to bags out of your old shirts, today everything has been given a shot out of trial and error, finally getting what we want in our hands.
1. Trying your best not to throw away old cold clothes.
This is the least effective and the easiest way to go by. It is hardly any budget, if you are wise enough you will definitely be saving some bucks here or if the ball is in your court you can even mint some money out of it. Usually when any of our attires get a bit tight there are various things we may do or can do. While some of us may give it away to someone who would want it more badly, others may find a way to remove a few stitches with the hope that the garment may fit them again perfectly but what if you actually are planning to throw it away because you think no one can wear it again, why just make it one another piece of cloth for wiping the floor, utensils or kitchen stove. There are various things that can be done otherwise with it. It can be transformed to something better and useful. Today it has become a trend among many fashion youtubers to create something new out of waste garment and it is quite easy to do too following the instructions carefully. Bags being the easiest to make there are various other things that can be done. From using it to add ruffles to your other dress to making fringed scarves, it is all about the math and your creativity. While some ideas may sound surprising or something you have never thought, most of them are worth a try. Having the favour of exploring and choosing from the hundreds of options it is always good to take some time and decide on the best option. Buying a glue gun would be a perfect investment if you do not know how to stitch or you can learn to do it in no time. It is quite simple and easy. The reason I am stating this is that then your effort may be of waste if your result is not what you want,
Here are few ideas to choose fromIMG_20170421_201925




2. Choosing between faux fur and real fur
Fur, for a very long time has always made a name for itself in the fashion industry. From your colourful accessories to your warm winter jackets, from your stylish beanies to your sophisticated boots everything today can be made more fashionable with the help of fur. These days it is not a very light thing to speak of when it comes to the effect fur or the controversies of choosing between real fur or faux one. Atleast not as light as it feels holding it in your hands.
To start with faux fur also known as pile fabric are polymeric fibers that are processes, dyed and cut to match the specific fur texture. It was first made sometime closer to 1929. Faux fur gained a large credit for itself in the runway occupying a big part in the fall collection 2016 with various designer brands like Gucci, Fendi, Armani and Dries Van Noten coming up with their faux fur collection namely the Pepto pink fox chubby,Haute Fourrure, no more animal and faux leather capes respectively. Faux fur especially became the best pick for animal lovers who believed strongly in not harming the animals. For instances Hannah Weiland, the founder of faux fur Shrimps quoted “My brand just started through the love of animals.” Various fashionistas like Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne became very fond of the faux fur also becoming the ones to be wearing it often.

Even though faux fur made a name for itself, it was obviously not everyone’s favourite. While some believed that real fur was more valuable , others believed that faux fur only didn’t harm animals, however it did had a lot of disadvantages that came with it. Especially when it came to manufacturing it or disposing it because it was made of non-biodegradable substances. The only way to reduce the effect it is or would is not to dispose it and make it a vintage piece. Designers who preferred real fur voiced against faux fur stating that there are safer and productive ways to make real fur. For instances Thomas Salamon (General Manager of Yves Salamon) talked about how nothing is real when it comes to faux fur and it was really ironic to eat animals and just call real fur cruelty to animals. Stella McCartney also came up with her Fur free Fur in AW15 collection in Paris where models walked down the runway with shaggy blankets that closely resembled fur.

With both real or faux fur having its own pros and contrasts it is wholly what we want to choose from. Either ways they both don’t actually look very different it all depends on what we want to feel and the choice we have to make. Even if you are totally going to avoid fur real or faux, it is always okay.

3. It already comes recycled to you
“No piece is a fashion statement of all time.” With this article particularly being based on environment and fashion it would be a waste to ignore the 3Rs that I don’t even have to name, define or explain it further because who hasn’t heard of them. Various designer brands have sought out a uniqueness by using either of the three. While some designers came up with products that can have two or more purposes, other designers usually got their primary sources from the waste. Some brands that became examples of recycled fashion are Tonle, Titania Inglis, Matt & Nat, Study NY, Carrie Parry and others. Even famous designers and well known brands are using the techniques too. Like adidas combined with Parley to create trainers from ocean waste. Nike made socks, shorts and jerseys from recycled plastic bottles. Jackets from recycled bottles are the most common ones. Emma Watson also caught many people’s attention with her recycled dress by Calvin Klein to the Meta gala


It didn’t stop just with clothing, accessories became a part of the recycled fashion too with designers like Rosalie McMillian making jewellery out of recycled coffee grounds. With fashion trends constantly changing through time, nothing remains in the trend forever. No piece is a fashion statement of all time. This definitely results in a huge textile waste. The real answer that designers are trying to find today is the ability to create something that has a timeless trend or the capacity to manufacture a product that can adapt itself as time, trends and style changes. It may not be really that easy to come up with the perfect solution but recycling fashion to avoid waste is never a bad idea. It is indeed great.


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