A walk into the colourful paradise(my first experience)

I have always seen those invites come home but never was I in luck because I either saw the card too late or there would be something else planned already so alas! I never went but this time,  everything was in line, both my schedule and my excitement. Checked my dates thrice to assure that i cancel anything else that comes on the day giving my first fashion expo visit an extra priority because it was going to be an unforgettable experience, especially when you are new blogger and you decide to work more with primary resource than the secondary ones you have been working with like TV shows, etc. On the 16th of July, I wore my favourite white lace t-shirt, black jeans and I accessorized it with my little crystal bracelet, a pearl ring and a dash of my happiness because I wanted the day to be completely perfect like I said “unforgettable”. The event “Hi-life exhibition” took place in Hyatt Regency Chennai. Strung together by many Indian designers with the theme “wedding”  in the minds of all the designers was a beautiful collection brought into the eye of every visitor. OK, now when I mention eye it means just to see because all the attire on display were super costly and of course there were a lot more than attire. you know like lanterns, brochettes, scarves, bags, clutches. jewelry, etc and the list goes on.  Walking into the expo so much reminded me of the Coldplay “Hymn for the weekend” It is one similarity that one could grasp faster. Not only for the colourfulness that one could find both in the video and the exhibition but also remember how one might have discussed the stereotyping in the video, well it was an issue slightly prominent in the event too because there were designers from various parts of the country like  Mumbai. Chhattisgarh, Goa, Delhi, etc but not one designer belonging to Chennai on display, not a piece of “Saamuthrika Pattu”. At least the music video had some Bharthanaatiyam in it. Except for these, it was wholly an amazing event and if you are ready to shed more money then you have got all your shopping done within a roof for yours or any wedding that you are going to attend. You would, of course, look perfectly good, elegant and pretty.  If not to have them forever unless brought, it was, of course, a colourful paradise and a happy treat to the eyes.

Here is a  picture of the invites that I stored as a memory


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