A Thumbprint that would make an impression

We all know that necessity is the mother of invention and to prove it right Fariha Shameel is a living example. Waiting to do her postgraduate degree she recalls that she always felt lost and she wanted to do something that involved her full interest and passion, that is when luck stroke her in finding the greatness of art in a painting class. She was crazy about bags and she always co-ordinate her handbags according to her clothes and she had bags picked out for every occasion. According to her, she felt that bags are actually the weapon of a woman’s fashion and the most perfect bags are the ones that go along with your attire and yet describe your personality. These two things that she expected from a bag always made her disappointed because she felt most bags didn’t satisfy both of her needs at the same time but only either of them. In the hope to carry the most perfect bag she joined a fashion designing course through which she self-earnt the art of making handbags in the year 2009 and  she put her hands down on making…actually…sewing it herself which might come as a surprise to most of us at the beginning and that is when she became an entrepreneur where she sold the bags she makes in her social media pages called the “ThumbPrint”   She says that it actually takes her a long time to make her bags because she has to have her customer and their needs in her mind and deliver something that the customer actually expects. This growing designer takes full interest and pleasure in making bags that reflect her character through her choice of fabric, taste and colour. Asked if it is a profession or passion, she replied “Profession or passion still figuring that as I love to make bags! It is an art and each bag speaks to me. I take time in making my bags and I can’t mass produce because I make every bag with care by keeping my clients in my mind” and in response to the first bag that she made and the latest one she responded “Being my own critic, my first bag was not the one I expected so I didn’t finish but I still have it as a motivation and  looking at my recent bag which was a diaper bag that I made for a friend I see that I have come a long way”  In the interview she also added “I was always bad at art from childhood but that one year really changed my life.”

This is her symbol

Photos by Fariha Shameel

A few bags  from her collection

So what are you waiting for? Go and check out on ThumbPrint and order the bags that speak to you and describes you to a stranger without speaking a word

Instagram: thumbprint_



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