Rachel Green

Have you ever wished to be a waitress of the 90s? Well, I did when I saw my favourite sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. In the series Jenn plays the role of Rachel green(now who doesn’t know!) Her dressing sense as a waitress impressed me a lot, those cute aprons wow!  Although she was a terrible waitress her attire always got the attention of the screen. Actually it was this fictional character that desperately made me wish that I was in the fashion line. Let it be those cute waitressing costume or those she wore after joining Bloomingdale’s, everything is wow. Personally my favourites would be a knee length blue jean jumpsuit with a white sleeveless shirt or the white full handed U.S.A t-shirt with black short skirt and stockings, actually I can keep listing it here. Guys I know the 90s have long gone but don’t you all think that the fashion of the 90s is getting a comeback. Today tube sleeved summer dress with a plain shaded  t-shirt is a simple and lovely style .This doesn’t mean that fashion is not innovative or there isn’t any new surprise coming up in the line of fashion but it simply means that through these various comebacks and new creations by designers one has got more choices to make for their wardrobe today. In a few words Jenn has a cute yet sexy look in the comedy sitcom and definitely there is nothing to be surprised of with it because it is once in a blue moon that anyone would doubt her attire and in my case I never!

Here are the 10 times Rachel  Green proved to be a perfect icon for  dressing

1.Every time she wore those aprons

2 With those denims

3 That lazy girl look

4  That leopard print west

5 That Scottish skirt

6 With those shirts

7 When she went all black

8 With that jumpsuit

9 When she showed her patriotism through her dress

10 When she was that Bloomingdale’s employee


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