Printed Jackets

Gone are the times when people only wore plain coloured jackets and went out but in today’s fashion world jackets are not only an attire to keep people warm but it is also a style statement. Always rocking the street style are those denim jackets and the faux fur coats because these jackets can make a person look simply sophisticated and gives the person an elegant look but what is new is the printed jackets that made an epic entrance into the fashion world during the Spring 2015 trend.


These printed ones can always make a person look like a style icon not only because of its newness and uniqueness but also its ability to bring in sophistication to a person’s style without bringing them out of their comfort zone. Usually subtle colour t-shirt looks fantastic with a bright printed and a bright t- shirt would go well with a subtle jacket and one can also play around by trying different patterns like floral, leopard, stripes, etc.

The Victoria’s secret angel Miranda Kerr who is usually noticed for her street style mentions in her interview with vogue about how printed jackets accentuates a person’s look.




So what are you waiting for, it is time you add these printed jackets to your bucket list

Shop for the look online



Stockbylove. com


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