Attractive nails

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you end up becoming completely awestruck or you just admiring how beautifully they have done their fingers?? Long gone are the  times when bright red shades and a single ring worn on the ring finger. It is now time for you to flaunt with dashing shades like yellow,flurosent shades, orange, teal, white or black. Usually these bright shades gives a bold and confident look to your nails. There are various things that one could do with their nails like you can try using shades for each fingers or alternative fingers, then you can go for the gradient style by choosing two perfect colours that go along well, you could also try using a different colour for the tip of your nails especially the colour white would be a perfect choice because it is an ubiquitous shade or a friendly colour as it goes with every other colour. This style would give your fingers a pretty and elegant look. If there is a special occasion or you are so excited about doing your nails then all you do is to buy fake nails if yoy wish to. Lately there is this new thing called the proclaim nails with which one could do their nails easily, by simply following the procedure behind the box. Remember any nail art or nail works is  beautifully elevated especially  when your nails  are trimmed and filed perfectly. Even if you just try the simple transparent shade with a perfectly trimmed and filed nails, it is still more attractive. Now talking about rings, it is time you wear all the rings in your box on the same day, this may initially look clumsy or uncomfortable because you are used to single rings but as time goes you would have a stylish vibe in you. In F.R.I.E.N.D.S Phoebe Buffay wears these multiple rings and it looks gorgeous. No matter how much we style our fingers some of us have really dark knuckles sometimes or mostly it adds to be a back pull for all the hard work you went through. You could simple use home ingredients like orange peel, lemon extract, milk, baking soda or vinegar to slowly get rid of theses darkness on the knuckles. Try giving your nails a holiday once a week atleast by not doing anything on them. This would help the pores or the nails to get in contact with fresh air and it keeps your nails healthy and try keeping your nails moistured with either your body lotion or your nail creams. In case you didn’t know, you could mix nail polish remover to your nail polish when it dries so that you need not throw it out.

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